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Blockchain & Crypto

The surge of interest in Bitcoin and related crypto-currency technology has brought formerly obscure cryptographic techniques and protocols to the attention of millions.  Bitcoin and a several related technologies are generational advances with the potential to change how we transact, save and live in the coming years almost as much as the Internet itself.

While investment capital is pouring into this space, few possess the ability or experience to program blockchain applications or create related systems and mobile apps.  AELOGICA maintained an early interest in Bitcoin and crypto dating back to 2013 when we hosted an early Bitcoin meetup in our office and we incubated a successful Bitcoin remittance startup in our office in 2016, and we are currently involved in advisory role on multiple ICOs and crypto-exchange related projects.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in crypto-currency, whether you are an entrepreneur, a trader, an investor or a technologist.  If you have a project in this space you would like to discuss, please request an introductory call.

It’s not just that the work gets done but it’s the way the work gets done. I can be assured of velocity because the methods they use expose the details to me and show that we are making progress. I can see the future by charting the velocity, and I see that the work is precise because we have tests for every aspect of the code. It’s an ideal environment with a very sharp group of people.

Stephen Shooster

CEO, Global Response