Innovative Application Development

Your Vision. Built to Scale.

App Development

Our proprietary systems and advanced techniques are engineered to give you the edge in your software development. From cocktail napkin to fully functioning application, we’ll make your experience enjoyable and profitable.

Team Augmentation

Whether you need to get your project from zero to launch, or  augment the capabilities and capacity of your internal resources, our team of global professionals can assist you with excellence and efficiency.

Rescue Ops

Software projects run into trouble of all kinds.  We’ve seen it.  If your current development team is under-performing, your codebase is a mess or your team has gone AWOL, we can help. We’re experts at turning around difficult situations and bringing sanity back to development.

Build Your Dream Apps On A Foundation Of Trust

We are in the age of technology, where the world is being reshaped in the hands of every person.

You’re an innovator. Someone with big ideas who wants to see them come to life. You need a developer that can really understand your vision and deliver with efficiency and excellence.


In addition to leading global development teams, I am an application innovator and developer myself. We built AELOGICA from the ground up to provide the ultimate development culture in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality of experience for entrepreneurs and engineering executives and product professionals.

I firmly believe that developing applications should not only be profitable for our clients, but should be enjoyable as well. Your dream is safe with us.

Steven Talcott Smith




We’ve developed a proprietary codebase of modules that will allow you to jumpstart as much as 25% of your initial project goals within the first month. No one will get you to the finish line faster and with more precision.


Our team is an elite, handpicked crew of professionals who understand your entrepreneurial vision and are focused on carrying it out with efficiency and precision. We love to code and working with people with great ideas.


We’ve built proprietary systems that keep you highly informed and engaged through all steps of the process. You will work directly with our developers, who are as skilled at communication as they are are programming.