The Team

We are a dedicated team of developers, designers, experimenters, and problem-solvers with a passionate drive to make our customers happy.

Steve Talcott Smith
Founder and CEO

Steven has earned a reputation as a software visionary with more than 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, developer and investor. As a longtime successful business owner, the author of the programmer’s guidebook titled LevelUp and the developer of multiple software applications himself, Steven provides crucial expertise to his clients in all aspects of the software industry.

Celda Marie Smith
Chief Financial Officer

A well-traveled international business accountant with experience working in multiple countries, Celda meticulously manages AELOGICA’s finances and assets to keep our clients thrilled and our books and operation spotless. Her extensive background in accounting includes teaching the subject to business majors after completing her MBA from the Philippine School of Business Administration.

Nestor Pestelos
Vice President of Technology

Nestor is an uber-technologist with a profound interest in container programming and deployment platforms. His work is leveraged in every project we do. With an academic background and passion for data science, he wrestles the big datasets and is the quintessential problem solver.

Our most valuable team members are always our clients. It’s their ultimate vision we serve and we never lose this plot. This is why excellent communication and collaboration are so deeply embedded in our culture.