Project Samples
Story mapping tool for planning new software projects

  • Developed in 2012 – used successfully to build
  • currently broken
  • Experimental cool stuff – skeumorphic design, real time collaboration, infinite workspace using advanced javascript and CSS animation techniques
  • Integrates with pivotal tracker
  • Next version in planning stages – hopefully will eliminate our need for pivotal tracker
in 2013-14

  • our internal admin site
  • employee leave request/approval
  • weekly client feedback system
  • employee data repository
  • built before we started appexpress
our proprietary app development and hosting platform

  • platform as a service (like heroku)
  • offering a continuous delivery pipeline
  • utilizes RedHat Openshift container clustering platform
  • and GitLab source repository management


  • helps parties and professionals manage and complete all the steps involved in a real estate transaction
  • web & mobile hybrid app
  • extensive use of notifications (provided the impetus for express_notifications)
  • calendar integration
  • first app developed using our “appexpress” techniques and libraries


  • helps golf pros and their students to book clinics and individual lessons
  • uses notifications for confirmations, reminders, etc
  • uses calendar integration
  • second app developed using our “appexpress” techniques and libraries
  • took just six weeks of full time development start to finish

With our projects, we care not only that they work, but that they are made in the way they should work for the end user. We care about the critical details that no one else would ever see, but are essential for true excellence. This is what we call craftsmanship.