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Bitcoin / Blockchain

We believe Bitcoin is The Blockchain.  We have been observing Bitcoin with interest since 2013 when we hosted one of the first Bitcoin meetups in Manila at our office.  We performed our first experiment in Bitcoin in 2014.

In recent years we have seen exploding interest in the broader landscape of blockchain technology but many of these ventures have revealed themselves to be ill-conceived at best and fundamentally flawed from a technical or ethical point of view.  Based on 2017-2018 developments, we have concluded that Bitcoin is effectively the only blockchain that matters.

We aim to build products and services that leverage Bitcoin for what it was intended to be–a secure store of value and means of exchanging that value. We want to work with companies that are aligned with this view and are doing things for the right reasons.

We believe the opportunities here are immense and will usher in the next phase of B-commerce and expanding global trade in secure and private digital services. AELOGICA’s founder, Steven Talcott Smith, has worked in e-commerce since 1996 by launching one of the early efforts in accepting credit cards online, was a member of the Digital Commerce Society of Boston in the 1990s and attended the 2000 Financial Cryptography conference in Anguilla with many of the leading thinkers of that era.

Bitcoin and its related technologies such as Lightning Network are generational advances in technology with the potential to change how we transact, save and live in the coming years almost as significantly as the Internet itself.

We are particularly interested in self-sovereign projects that may utilize BTCPayServer or other related technologies.  And of course, we accept payment in Bitcoin.

If you have a project in this space you would like to discuss, please request an introductory call.