Expertise – AELOGICA



Our Ecommerce engine is based on the industry leading SpreeCommerce platform.  We optimized it for ease of integration into larger applications while improving user experience and transactional reliability. These modules are designed for rapid delivery and flexible customization.


Our codebase of accounting functionality is structurally sound and thoughtfully designed. Few other firms will be able to start your project off with as strong of a foundation.

Content Management

Content remains King in marketing any online or app-based system. Our base system allows your team to efficiently keep your projects up-to-date with fresh and relevant content.


Calendaring systems can add a surprising level of cost and complexity to any project. Fortunately, through the years we’ve developed our calendar code to be efficiently integrated into your projects.

UX – User Interface

The most powerful and valuable of applications can be rendered useless with poor interface design. We’ve developed simple, yet sophisticated systems to enhance user experience.


In a rapidly growing technical space of applications competing for user attention, perhaps few things are more important for success today than notification systems. We bring to the table of each project modules for multi-change email, SMS and push messaging.

As an elite software development team, we understand there is no greater expertise than the ability to understand, enhance and skillfully execute your vision with excellence and efficiency.