Many modern apps require persistent connections to provide users with continuous updates of live conversations or changing real time data. Elixir, a new language inspired in part by Ruby and built on the battle tested Erlang Virtual Machine, allows applications to scale to millions of concurrent connections.

If your application has a requirement to scale to hundreds of thousands or millions of concurrent users, your choice of language or stack will play a key role in whether your application succeeds or falls on its face.  The wise choice today for high volume messaging and concurrency applications is Elixir.  With hot code loading, painless horizontal scaling and other attractive features, Elixir, allows your application to stay up and stay online even while your team deploy updates and fixes under demanding extreme-load conditions.

AELOGICA developers are experienced in Elixir and keen to use it in appropriate applications and projects.  If you want to know if Elixir is for you, request a consultation.

It’s not just that the work gets done but it’s the way the work gets done. I can be assured of velocity because the methods they use expose the details to me and show that we are making progress. I can see the future by charting the velocity, and I see that the work is precise because we have tests for every aspect of the code. It’s an ideal environment with a very sharp group of people. Stephen Shooster

CEO, Global Response