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Bitcoin / BlockCHAIN

The surge of interest in Bitcoin and related technology such as Lighting Network has brought attention and captial to this most transformative technology.  Bitcoin and related technologies are generational advances with the potential to change how we transact, save and live in the coming years almost as much as the Internet itself.

We believe Bitcoin is effectively the only Blockchain that matters and we seek B-commerce projects that leverage the incredible opportunities in Bitcoin.

Mobile Apps

Web apps increasingly require complementary mobile applications to provide powerful notification capabilities, ease of access, improved authentication, customer intimacy and to meet users evolving expectations.

Ruby On Rails

We share the popular opinion that Ruby on Rails remains the most powerful and mature open source web development framework. Ruby on Rails is backed by a community that is recognized as one of the largest, most successful in the open source world.

Private Cloud

At AELOGICA, we have developed our own private containerized cloud deployment and continuous delivery platform based on Redhat’s OpenShift and GitLab Enterprise Edition. This accelerates development cycles while putting control and custody back in the hands of the owner.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) — sometimes referred to as Artificial Intelligence —  is a powerful set of techniques used by intelligent enterprises and innovative startups to leverage the vast quantities of data they rapidly accumulate.


If your application has a requirement to scale to hundreds of thousands or millions of concurrent users, your choice of language or stack will play a key role in whether your application succeeds or falls on its face.  The wise choice today for high volume messaging and concurrency applications is Elixir.


Python has emerged as the primary workhorse of scripting languages, used in everything from Machine Learning and Systems Programming to Web applications, DevOps, scientific programming, and beyond.  While not as popular for web applications as Ruby on Rails, its popularity continues to grow.

It’s not just that the work gets done but it’s the way the work gets done. I can be assured of velocity because the methods they use expose the details to me and show that we are making progress. I can see the future by charting the velocity, and I see that the work is precise because we have tests for every aspect of the code. It’s an ideal environment with a very sharp group of people. Stephen Shooster

CEO, Global Response