8 Steps to Land a Developer Job with AELOGICA

This short guide explains how to succeed in landing a developer job with AELOGICA (Philippines) Inc. It will be especially helpful for people who may be early in their careers, who have not switched employers before, or who have never worked for a foreign employer.

1. Send an email to jobs@aelogica.com explaining why you are interested in a working with us.

If you know about us through the community or through school or work, please tell us. We want to know that you know something about us and are interested in our company specifically. We do not want a copy-paste, generic application.

2.  Please ensure that your email is clear, grammatically correct, and properly punctuated.

We all communicate directly with our customers daily. Clear and precise written communication in English is necessary.

3.  Attach your resume to this cover email.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure it is consistent with the resume that you are sending. I will check your LinkedIn profile. Good software developers have a keen eye for inconsistency.

4. Provide a link to your GitHub account.

We want to see that you are familiar with open source software and have forked other projects or published code of your own.

5.  Chances are, we will invite you to come in for a full day of pair programming. We will take you to lunch on the day you come.

We feel that a pair-programming “audition” is a much better format than a question and answer interview for obtaining a realistic impression of your capabilities and to get a feel for what working together would be like. You don’t need to do anything special, just come in and sit down and work through some real programming problems together with one of our developers. Have two possible dates in mind in case of conflicts. Dedicating an entire day is a very important indicator of your desire to work with us. We will not extend an offer to anyone who has not come in for a full day.

7. Expect to have a follow up discussion about your pairing session.

If we have an immediate opening, we may prepare an offer shortly afterward.   Be prepared to accept a good offer.

8. Please know your legitimate tax rate and understand your financial needs prior to applying.

At AELOGICA (Philippines) Inc, we pay market salaries and make all required contributions and withholding of tax. If you have been avoiding tax, this may be your chance to have a legitimate “on the books” income.

A note about salaries:

There are currently seven developer levels at AELOGICA. Your level will determine your salary which is the same for everyone at that level. The level you are offered is based on our evaluation of your technical ability and experience.  The way to increase your level is to improve your skills and demonstrate technical or social leadership as well as to take initiative in advancing the interests of AELOGICA.

AELOGICA offers a profit-sharing incentive program twice per year.