Ruby on Rails Developer – AELOGICA

Ruby on Rails Developer

AELOGICA is hiring top Ruby on Rails developers for full-time remote work in Mexico and the Mexico City Area to work with AELOGICA’s clients in the USA. AELOGICA started in 2010 in the US and the Philippines. We have expanded to Mexico to better serve our clients in all North American timezones.

We are currently hiring:

  • Senior Ruby on Rails – Backend/Microservices & ETL
  • Senior Ruby on Rails – Full Stack

These positions are open to skilled developers with at least 3-5 years of professional Ruby on Rails experience and at least 10 years of web application development.

To qualify for remote work you must have excellent internet and a quiet home office where you will not be disturbed during your workday. Travel within Mexico for team meetings may be required twice a year.

Why accelerate your career at AELOGICA?

1) We have a variety of interesting and challenging projects offering stability and excellent compensation.

2) Working within the AELOGICA System allows you to be more productive, and enjoy more professional satisfaction.  You will be assigned a developer-coach to mentor and assist you in your growth.

3) AELOGICA has actively supported the Ruby community in the Philippines since 2010 through hosting meetups, volunteering and sponsoring RubyConf PH.  We aim to do the same for Rubyists in Mexico.

You will work as a member of team of 2 to 6 developers in a remote agile studio environment.  In some cases travel to the US may be required for project onboarding.  Opportunities to contribute to internal projects and products as well as to switch projects are available.

Required Skills:

  • Ruby on Rails (proficient)
  • Postgres & SQL
  • Git
  • Rails style Javascript (for Full Stack positions)
  • ETL/CSV work (for ETL positions)
  • API testing and design (for Microservices positions)

Candidates must be able to:

  • Communicate clearly in English (verbal and written)
  • Develop features according to good specifications
  • Troubleshoot production issues and fix bugs
  • Create and maintain automated tests
  • Perform manual testing on your own work
  • Manage your time effectively to maintain consistent output (we offer training on this)
  • Review code from other team members

Candidates should be:

  • Strongly self-directed
  • Excellent time-managers
  • Results oriented
  • Good collaborators
  • Respectful of coworkers
  • Serious about becoming the best developer you can be
  • Looking for a stable, long-term opportunity with a great firm which will support your career development.

All candidates will be expected to complete our free Introduction training course at during the interview/application process.

We are passionate about what we do and always seek to advance our skills and focus on delivering value to our clients.